EAEPE Young Scholars Pre-Conference 2017

The European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE) welcomes young scholars of all levels (students – early Post-Docs) who are involved in or want to learn more about pluralist, heterodox, real world-oriented, and/or interdisciplinary research. Young scholars are invited to submit papers for presentation at the annual meeting, but could also participate with own paper presentations. In addition, we invite interested students and young researchers to join us for the Young Scholars Pre-Conference.

Young Scholars Pre-Conference

Prior to the annual EAEPE conference in Budapest in October 2017, young researchers and students are welcome to attend seminars and workshops in a series of pre conference workshops. The workshops  will last between three and six hours and will be held over a period of two half days. Participants will be assigned a few reading materials prior to the pre-conference to facilitate the workshops and to help sustain the  network.

The promotion of young researchers in the arena of critical pluralistic, non-orthodox and interdisciplinary research in today’s world is of prominent importance. As teaching and research outside ‘mainstream’ economics continues to be exceptional in most European countries, it remains important for us to organize and promote such seminars, workshops, and coordinated trainings. EAEPE as a longstanding pluralist association and a prominent actor in this field is thus an excellent support institution for young scholars in order to promote new economic thinking.

Pre-Conference Keynote Lecture on Wednesday, Oct 18, 12pm

Wilfred Dolfsma (Glendonbrook Institute for Enterprise Development, Loughborough University, London):

Government Failure: Institutions and Development

Workshops and Lecturers at the Pre-Conference, Wednesday, 18 October (afternoon) & Thursday, 19 October (morning)

  • Catherine Laurent (National Institute of Agricultural Research): Pluralism and Inter-Disciplinarity
  • Alessandro Caiani (Marche Polytechnic University): Agent-Based Stock Flow Consistent Modelling
  • Rainer Kattel (Tallinn University of Technology): Development Economics
  • Rinus Penninx (University of Amsterdam): The Migrant Question in Europe
  • Andrea Petö (Central European University): Feminist Economics

Young Scholar Papers at the Main Conference

Young Scholars and students are invited to present research papers in the regular paper sessions at the main conference. Conference sessions are organized according to EAEPE’s Research Areas, to a special conference topic, and a number of special sessions. Presentation topics might be related to the conference main theme The Role of the State in Economic Development: State Capacity, State Autonomy and Economic Development (please see General Call for Papers) or to any of the usual topics covered by EAEPE’s Research Areas. Abstract submission needs to be done through our website and closes on 15 May 2017. You will need to create a user account to submit an abstract. Please see the Conference CfP for further instructions.

The Herbert Simon Prize

Young scholars are encouraged to submit their research paper for consideration for the Herbert Simon Prize. The prize is awarded for the best conference paper of scholars younger than 35 years. Please note that you need to submit your paper to the conference and for the prize separately.

Application to the Pre-Conference and Conference

Please register for the pre-conference workshops through the EAEPE website. Registration opens in June. To register, you need to be a paid up EAEPE member. Membership for students and young researchers is 25€/year and gives you access to the Journal of Institutional Economics, besides other benefits. As a PhD member, you will be able to register for the conference (first) and pre-conference (second). Upon registration, you will be asked to select your choice of parallel workshops. In case workshops fill up, priority will be given to conference participants with accepted papers.

Registration Fees

In order to avoid last minute cancellations and to cover part of the costs (catering, conference material and rooms etc.), there is a registration fee of 90€ payable upon web registration. This fee gives you access to both pre-conference and main conference.

Fee Waivers

There is a fee waiver policy for a limited number of students and young researchers without other funding opportunities. Applicants must provide a written statement of their supervisor or a faculty member of their study or PhD program (or similar) confirming that they do not have financial support. In addition, participants with a paper presentation at the main conference need to upload their full paper. Fee waivers will be awarded according to the quality of the papers. Students without paper presentation need to submit a motivation letter, explaining how participation could potentially benefit their academic development.

To apply for the fee waiver, please use the conference registration site, choose “Fee waiver” and upload your documents. Please note that you may have to go through online registration several times:

  • For uploading an abstract if you wish to present a paper during the main conference
  • For registration to the pre-conference and indicating your workshop preferences
  • For applying for the fee waiver

Important Dates

  • May 15: Abstract submission for papers at main conference closes
  • June 15: Notification of acceptance; registration opens
  • August 1: Deadline for fee waiver applications
  • August 31: Deadline for Herbert Simon Prize
  • September 15: Conference registration closes for authors to be included in the conference program
  • September 15: Registration for pre-conference closes; full paper submission deadline on EAEPE website

We are looking forward to your participation and lively discussions in Budapest! Please check our website for more detailed information and updates about the conference. For any questions, please contact the pre-conference organizing team – Madeleine Böhm, Merve Burnazoglu, Olga Mikheeva, Madeleine Jonsson, Adam Kerenyi, Charles Dannreuther, Krisztina Szabó and Steffen Bettin – at madeleine_boehm@yahoo.com. If you have questions about your participation at the main conference, please write to EAEPE Young Scholars officer Svenja Flechtner (svenja.flechtner@uni-flensburg.de).

The Pre-Conference enjoys financial support by the Institute for New Economic Thinking Young Scholars Initiative (INET YSI) and the FEED Charity.

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