Coordinators: Svetlana Kiridina
Russian Academy of Science - 
Institute of Economics, Moscow
Wolfram Elsner
Universität Bremen - Institut für Institutionelle Ökonomik und Innovationsökonomik (iino), Bremen

The EAEPE organizes joint sessions together with the Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE) since 2012. Due to its continuous success it was decided to implement a permanent Research Area for these joint sessions. Please submit abstracts for the annual conferences under RA [JAES].

Our goal is to promote scientific and scholarly collaboration between members of EAEPE and AFEE. The topic of the Joint AFEE-EAEPE sessions in Manchester  is “Evolutionary and Institutional Methodologies in Economics: Generating New Critical Insights”. We would like to focus on the possibilities of evolutionary and institutional methodologies for generating new, critical, and relevant knowledge. We seek papers that offer insights into previously unexplored phenomena; that highlight previously overlooked patterns and regularities; and offer results that register as intractable relative to mainstream economics. The Industrialisation, socio-economic transformation and Institutions, the Manchester  Conference’s main theme, is certainly one of the potential panel and paper topics. However, other topics will be encouraged. Both theoretical and applied papers are invited, and, in particular, we are seeking papers focusing on the interrelations between heterodox theory, specific appropriate methods used, and the importance of findings arrived at.

Not all presenters at the Joint AFEE-EAEPE sessions need to be members of AFEE. But if two submissions will be considered equivalent after reviewing, then AFEE members will be offered priority.