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New Book - The Routledge Handbook of Heterodox Economics

The Routledge Handbook of Heterodox Economics has just arrived, edited by Tae-Hee Jo, Lynne Chester, Carlo D'Ippoliti. "The Routledge Handbook of Heterodox Economics" is a collection of essays written by authors representing a wide range of theoretical perspectives within heterodox economics—that is, Marxian-radical political economics, Post Keynesian-Sraffian economics, institutionalist-evolutionary economics, feminist economics, social economics, Régulation theory, the Social Structure of Accumulation approach, ecological economics, and combinations of these traditions. More information here and a 20% discount with this flyer.

EAEPE 2017 - Young Scholars Pre-Conference - Budapest, Hungary

Prior to the annual EAEPE conference in Budapest in October 2017, young researchers and students are welcome to attend seminars and workshops in a series of pre conference workshops. The workshops will last between three and six hours and will be held over a period of two half days. Participants will be assigned a few reading materials prior to the pre-conference to facilitate the workshops and to help sustain the  network. Download the CfP!

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