The EAEPE Scientific Development Plan identifies priority Research Areas (RA) of scientific development for EAEPE.

For each RA, two or three Research Area Coordinators (RACs) are appointed by the Council. The primary role of a RAC is to act as a network-builder, linking researchers both within EAEPE and with other researchers and other networks. RACs are thus designated/reappointed according to the complementary of their expertise, and preferably from distinct institutions and different countries.

RACs are encouraged to:

1. develop international networks and seminars relating to the RA;

2. organise sessions at the annual EAEPE conference;

3. apply for EC, nationally-funded or private grants for research work in the area;

4. develop and promote research material for future EAEPE conferences relating to the RA;

5. contribute to the development of EAEPE sponsored publications reflecting work in the RA;

6. contribute to the EAEPE website with information and other material relating to the RA.

RACs are required to submit an annual Research Area Report to the EAEPE Counci to assess developments and perspectives within the RA.

For further information please contact the EAEPE Scientific Development Officer :   

Marco Raberto
DIME, University of Genoa
Via Opera Pia 15
I-16145 Genova, Italy
Tel: (+39) 010 3532028