An Auditing Committee composed of EAEPE members not belonging to the Council is appointed by the Council. The Auditing Committee elects each year its own Chair. Members of the Auditing Committee will be eligible to stand for immediate renomination upon completion of their term. Re-election is only possible twice. The Auditing Committee drafts a written report to the Secretariat and the Council on the financial accounts presented by the Treasurer. This report is presented every year at the Membership Meeting. The Auditing Committee is currently composed of Maria Lissowska and Georgios Liagouras.

The EAEPE Council is sad to report the passing of former auditing committee member Angelo Reati on 23 July 2013. Angelo became an active EAEPE member in 1989, and served on the EAEPE Council for many years. He was a passionate economist. His insights and his grace will be missed.