EAEPE invites you to submit a recently published article to the annual EAEPE-Kapp Prize competition.

The closing date for the 2018 EAEPE-Kapp Prize competition is 31st January 2018.

Submissions should be papers published in a scholarly journal on a theme broadly in accord with the EAEPE Theoretical Perspectives, consisting of a minimum of 5000 words and normally not exceeding 12000 words, published online or in print 2017 (e.g. no forthcoming or in press articles are accepted). 

Only one entry per author will be considered. At least one of the co-authors must be a paid-up EAEPE member in the year of the competition, and at least one co-author of each submission must commit to attend EAEPE's 2018 annual conference.

Any member of the EAEPE Council, or Trustee of the Foundation for European Economic Development (FEED) serving at any time from 1 January of the year before the year of competition to 1 July of the year of the competition inclusive, shall be ineligible to participate, including as a coauthor.

A single PDF file should be sent to info@eaepe.org

Sending your entry to the wrong address will result in a delay that may make you miss the deadline. EAEPE will not be held responsible for submissions that are dispatched to the wrong address.

The EAEPE Council will judge submissions by the end of May at the latest. The Council reserves the right not to award a prize if the entries are below the required quality.  

The EAEPE-Kapp Prize winner will be announced at our 30th Annual Conference at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis on 6-8 September 2018.

For more information please write to Carlo D'Ippoliti, Prize officer within the EAEPE Council, at carlo.dippoliti@uniroma1.it