The Conference, co-hosted by EAEPE, was organized by ÖFSE - Official Conference Site:

Conference Videos:

  • Short Conference “Teaser” Video (3 minutes), see:
  • Full Conference Video(31 minutes), see
  • Video Opening Event 4.2.2016 (110 minutes), with Stephen Gill, Penny Clarke, John Hilary and Ferdi de Ville. See
  • Video Plenary I, 5.2.2016(93 minutes) – “The economic effects of new generation FTAs: alternative approaches to impact assessment” with Rudi von Arnim, Frank Ackerman and Sabine Stephan. See  
  • Video Plenary II, 5.2.2016 (117 minutes) – “The regulatory agenda of news generation FTAs – Regulatory Convergence or De-Regulation?” with Sheila Jasanoff, Marija Bartl and Jean-Christophe Graz. See
  • Video Plenary III, 6.2.2016 (78 minutes) – “Alternatives and proposals for a more democratic EU Trade Policy” with Alexandra Strickner, Manuel Pérez-Rocha and Christoph Scherrer. See

Interviews with Keynote Speakers(ca. 5 minutes each):

  • EU Trade Conference 4-6.2.2016, Interview Stephen Gill (York University, Toronto). See
  • EU Trade Conference 4-6.2.2016, Interview Frank Ackerman (Synapse Energy Economics Cambridge/Massachusetts). See
  • EU Trade Conference 4-6.2.2016, Interview Marija Bartl (Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam). See
  • EU Trade Conference 4-6.2.2016, Interview Sheila Jasanoff  (Harvard Kennedy School Cambridge, Massachusetts). See
  • EU Trade Conference 4-6.2.2016, Interview Manuel Pérez-Rocha (Institute for Policy Studies, Washington and Transnational Institute, Amsterdam). See

Photo galleries:

Powerpoint-presentations and speaking notes of key-note/plenary speakers are available at