The 27th Annual EAEPE Conference 2015

Genoa, Italy, 17-19 September 2015

Pre-Conference: 16-17 September 2015


The European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE) seeks to institutionalize and deepen the involvement of and exchange with young scholars (YS) and student initiatives at the association’s Annual Conference. Building upon the lively discussions at the previous conferences in Cracow (2012), Paris (2013) and Cyprus (2014), we invite participation to the following formats.

Prior to the start of the regular conference, YS are invited to participate in different workshops with leading scholars of their respective fields. Workshops take place on Wednesday, 16 September all day and Thursday, 17 September in the morning, while the regular conference will start on 17 September after lunch. Participants will be able to attend 3 or 4 workshops. Lecturers and workshop topics are:

  • Riccardo Bellofiore, University of Bergamo: Marxism
  • Wolfram Elsner, Torsten Heinrich & Claudius Gräbner, University of Bremen: Complexity Economics
  • Susan Himmelweit, Open University UK: Feminist Economics
  • Fabian Lindner, Macroeconomic Policy Institute (IMK): Putting economics on sound footing: stock flow consistency, the real economy and financial markets
  • Paolo Ramazzotti, University of Macerata: Institutionalism
  • Inge Røpke, Aalborg University: Ecological Economics
  • Manuel Scholz-Wäckerle, Vienna University of Economics and Business: Evolutionary Political Economy
  • Bernd Sommer, European University of Flensburg: Post-Growth Societies

Besides the regular sessions for which advanced YS are invited to submit contributions, YS also have the possibility to present and discuss their contributions (e.g. Bachelor’s or Master’s theses, seminar papers, doctoral dissertations) in special sessions. In these sessions, feedback procedures with senior scholars will be organized. Topics might be related to the conference main theme A New Role for the Financial System (please see General Call for Papers) or to any of the usual topics covered by EAEPE’s Research Areas. We also welcome research projects initiated by student groups and session proposals.

As in past years, EAEPE’s President Wolfram Elsner and General Secretary Pasquale Tridico are interested in maintaining the dialogue with YS and representatives from European student organizations initiated in past years, in order to discuss topics of mutual interests and foster cooperation. There is also time and space provided to work on important issues in smaller groups and to discuss results with the others. Representatives from European student organizations should indicate their interest to join via mail to Svenja Flechtner ( until 1 August 2015.

Applications should be sent via e-mail to Svenja Flechtner ( until 1 June 2015. Please indicate whether you are applying to the conference special paper sessions and/or to the pre-conference. Submissions to the special paper sessions should include an abstract of around 500 words. Priority for pre-conference participation will be given to participants with accepted papers in the conference (either regular or YS session). Submissions to regular conference sessions should be made through the EAEPE conference website with deadline 1 May 2015.

YS need to register to participate at both the pre-conference workshops and the regular conference. In order to avoid last minute cancellations and to cover part of the costs (catering, i.e. pre-conference coffee breaks, conference coffee breaks and lunches, conference material and rooms), there is a special YS registration fee of 90€ payable at the conference website until 15 July 2015. Participants must also be paid-up EAEPE members. There is a fee waiver policy for a limited number of YS based on the quality of the submitted abstracts. To apply for the fee waiver, applicants need to submit a written statement by their supervisor, a faculty member of their study or PhD program (or similar), confirming that they do not receive financial support for participation. Applications to fee waivers should be sent via e-mail to Svenja Flechtner ( by 1 June 2015.

We are looking forward to your participation and lively discussions in Genova! Please look at our website for more detailed information on the conference. For any questions, please contact EAEPE Council member Svenja Flechtner.

The Pre-Conference enjoys financial support by the European University of Flensburg and the Macroeconomic Policy Institute.