The EAEPE Newsletter appeared in paper form from January 1989 (No 1) to January 2005 (No 33). From July 2005 (No 34) to July 2007 (No 38) the Newsletter appeared in printable PDF form. Starting from Fall 2007 the Newsletter was replaced by quarterly electronic mailings with news of interest to EAEPE members. The website has performed this task more recently.

Since 1989, in chronological order, Geoff Hodgson, Michael Dietrich, Maureen McKelvey, Gráinne Collins, Werner Hölzl, Andreas Reinstaller and Eva Niesten served as EAEPE Newsletter Editors. In 2011, when David Gindis took over this position it changed to EAEPE Newsletter and Website Editor. In 2012 it changed to EAEPE Web and Publicity Officer, and Manuel Scholz-Wäckerle holds this position since 2014.

The EAEPE Council has recently decided to bring the EAEPE Newsletter back to life. With the intent to draw the membership's attention to the frequently updated content of the website, the first issue of a new annual series (No 1) was released in July 2012.

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