Since 2014 we give EAEPE members the opportunity to make their work visible at thewebsite, in particular we want to highlight monographs, text books and edited books.

The Routledge Handbook of Heterodox Economics: Theorizing, Analyzing, and Transforming Capitalism, edited by Tae-Hee Jo, Lynne Chester, Carlo D'Ippoliti

The Co-operative firm – Keywords, Roma: RomaTrE-Press. Bernardi Andrea and Monni Salvatore (eds.)

Networks of Institutions: Institutional Emergence, Social Structure and National Systems of Policies, by Shuanping Dai, Routledge.

The Economics of Urban Property Markets: An institutional economics analysis, by Arvanitidis Paschalis, London: Routledge

The Microeconomics of Complex Economies. Evolutionary, Institutional, and Complexity Perspectives, by Wolfram Elsner, Torsten Heinrich and Henning Schwardt, Elsevier/Academic Press.

Methodological Misconceptions in the Social Sciences, by Angelo Fusari, Springer.

Simulating Knowledge Dynamics in Innovation Networks (Understanding Complex Systems), edited by Nigel Gilbert, Petra Ahrweiler and Andreas Pyka, Springer.

Economics and Diversity, by Carlo D'Ippoliti, Routledge.

Revisiting Classical Economics: Studies in Long-Period Analysis, edited by Heinz Kurz and Neri Salvadori, Routledge.

The Economics of Economists, edited by Alessandro Lanteri and Jack Vromen, Cambridge University Press.

Slow Growth and the Service Economy, by Pascal Petit, Bloomsbury Publishing.

Challenges for Europe in the World, 2030, edited by John Eatwell, Terry McKinley and Pascal Petit, Ashgate.

The Foundations of Evolutionary Institutional Economics: Generic Institutionalism, by Manuel Wäckerle, Routledge.

South-East Europe in Evolution, edited by Hardy Hanappi, Routledge.

Open Economícs: Economics in Relation to Other Disciplines, editey by Richard Arena, Sheila Dow and Matthias Klaes, Routledge.

The Political Economy of the Small Firm, by Charles Dannreuther and Lew Perren, Routledge.

Government Failure: Society, Merkets and Rules, by Wilfred Doflsma, Edward Elgar.
Services sans Frontières: Mondialisation, normalisation et régulation de l'économie des services, edited by Jean-Christophe Graz and Nafi Niang, Presses de Science Po.
Game Theory Relaunched, edited by Hardy Hanappi, INTECH.
Technological Change and Network Effects in Growth Regimes: Exploring the Microfoundations of Economic Growth, by Torsten Heinrich, Routledge.

Darwin's Conjecture: The Search for General Principles of Social and Economic Evolution, by Geoffrey M. Hodgson and Thorbjorn Knudsen, University of Chicago Press.

Le féminisme pour change la société, by Esther Jeffers, Editions Syllepse.

Sraffa and the Reconstruction of Economic Theory (3 volumes), edit by Enrico Sergio Levrero, Antonella Palumbo and Antonella Stirati, Palgrave MacMillan.

The Microeconomics of Interactive Economies. Evolutionary, Institutional, and Complexity Perspectives. A 'Non-Toxic' Intermediate Textbook, by Wolfram Elsner (in collaboartion with Torsten Heinrich, Henning Schwardt and Matthias Greiff), Edward Elgar.

Joseph A. Schumpeter: A Theory of Social and Economic Evolution, by Esben Sloth Andersen, Palgrave MacMIllan.

Food Chains: From Farmyard to Shopping Cart, edited by Warren Belasco and Roger Horrowitz, University of Pennsylvania Press.

The Triple M of Organizations; Man, Management and Myth, by Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger, Springer.

Deep Complexity and the Social Sciences: Experience, Modelling and Operationality, by Robert Delorme, Edward Elgar.

On Rules, Politics and Knowledge: Friedrich Kratochwill, International Relations and Domestic Affairs, edited by Oliver Kessler, Rodney Bruce Hall, Cecilia Lynch and Nicholas Onuf, Palgrave MacMillan.

Escaping Satiation: The Demand Side of Economic Growth, edited by Ulrich Witt, Springer.

Globalization, Institutions and Social Cohesion, edited by Maurizio Franzini and Felice R. Pizzuti, Springer.

Institutions, Communication and Values, by Wilfred Dolfsma, Palgrave MacMIllan.

Hyteresis in unemployment: Time, unemployment and economic dynamics, by Dany Lang, VDM.

Recent Advances in Neo-Schumpeterian Economics: Essays in Honor of Horst Hanusch, edited by Andreas Pyka, Uwe Cantner, Alfred Greiner and Thomas Kuhn, Edward Elgar.

Varieties of Capitalism and New Institutional Deals: Regulation, Welfare and the New Economy, edited by Wolfram Elsner and Hardy Hanappi, Edward Elgar Publishing.

The General Theory of Economic Evolution, by Kurt Dopfer and Jason Potts, Routledge.

State Power: A Strategic-Relational Approach, by Bob Jessop, Polity Press.

From Political Economy to Economics: Method, the social and the historical in the evolution of economic theory, by Dimitris Milonakis and Ben Fine, Routledge.

Advances in Evolutionary Institutional Economics: Evolutionary Mechanisms, Non-Knowledge and Strategy, edited by Hardy Hanappi and Wolfram Elsner, Edward Elgar Publishing.

The Evolutionary Foundations of Economics, edited by Kurt Dopfer, Cambridge University Press.

The Evolving Economy: Essays on the Evolutionary Approach to Economics, by Ulrich Witt, Edward Elgar.

Entrepreneurship in Theory and History, edited by Youssef Cassis and Ioanna Pepelasis Minoglou, Palgrave MacMIllan.

Complexity and the Economy: Implications for Economic Policy, edited by John Finch and Magali Orillard, Edward Elgar.

Imperialisme et militarisme: L'actualité due XXIe siècle, by Claude Serfati, Editions Page deux.

The Economic World View: Studies in the Ontology of Economics, by Uskali Mäki, Edward Elgar.

Marx, Veblen, and Contemporary Institutional Political Economy, by Phillip A. O'Hara, Edward Elgar.