EAEPE Volumes have historically been published by Edward Elgar Publishing, since 2013 these volumes get published by Routledge (Taylor&Francis Group).

Economic Policy and the Financial Crisis (2014), edited by Łukasz Mamica and Pasquale Tridico, EAEPE Annual 2012 Conference in Krakow, Poland.

Since 2006, the previous EAEPE Conference Volume Series (see below) has been replaced by a series of more focused volumes around specific themes in line with the theoretical perspective of EAEPE. Among these is a critical reader in institutional and evolutionary economics, and a new 'Studies in Evolutionary Political Economy' series.

The Governance of Network Industries: Institutions, Technology and Policy in Reregulated Infrastructures (2009), edited by Rold W. Kunneke, John Groenewegen and Jean-Francois Auger.

Varieties of Capitalism and New Institutional Deals: Regulation, Welfare and the New Economy (2008), edited by Wolfram Elsner and Hardy Hanappi.

Advances in Evolutionary Institutional Economics: Evolutionary Mechanisms, Non-Knowledge and Strategy (2008), edited by Hardy Hanappi and Wolfram Elsner.

The Evolution of Economic Institutions: A Critical Reader (2007), edited by Geoffrey Hodgson

Understanding the Dynamics of a Knowledge Economy (2006), edited by Wilfred Dolfsma and Luc Soete.

Between 1991 and 2005, the following EAEPE Conference Volumes were published:

Complexity and the Economy: Implications for Economic Policy (2005), edited by John Finch and Magali Orillard.

Globalization, Social Capital and Inequality: Contested Concepts, Contested Experiences (2003), edited by Wilfred Dolfsma and Charlie Dannreuther.

Evolution and Path Dependence in Economic Ideas: Past and Present (2001), edited by Pierre Garrouste and Stravos Ioannides.

Is Economics an Evolutionary Science? The Legacy of Thorstein Veblen (2000), edited by Francisco Louçã and Mark Perlman.

Technology and Knowledge: From the Firm to Innovation Systems (2000), edited by Pier Paolo Saviotti and Bart Nooteboom.

Institutions and the Evolution of Capitalism: Implications of Evolutionary Economics (1999), edited by John Groenewegen and Jack Vromen.

Environment, Technology and Economic Growth: The Challenge of Sustainable Development (1998), edited by Andrew Tylecote and Jan van der Straaten.

Institutions and Economic Change: New Perspectives on Markets, Firms and Technology (1998), edited by Klaus Nielsen and Björn Johnson.

Employment, Technology and Economic Needs: Theory, Evidence and Economic Policy (1998), edited by Jonathan Michie and Angelo Reati.

Pluralism in Economics: New Perspectives in History and Methodology (1997), edited by Andrea Salanti and Ernesto Screpanti.

Beyond Market and Hierarchy: Interactive Governance and Social Complexity (1997), edited by Ash Amin and Jerzy Hausner.

On Economic Institutions: Theory and Applications (1995), edited by John Groenewegen, Christos Pitelis and Sven-Erik Sjöstrand.

The Political Economy of Diversity: Evolutionary Perspectives on Economic Order and Disorder (1994), edited by Robert Delorme and Kurt Dopfer.

Mixed Economies in Europe: An Evolutionary Perspective on their Emergence, Transition and Regulation (1993), edited by Wolfgang Blaas and John Foster.

Towards a New Europe: Structural Change in the European Economy (1991), edited by Ash Amin and Michael Dietrich.

Rethinking Economics: Markets, Technology and Economic Evolution (1991), edited by Geoffrey Hodgson and Ernesto Screpanti.

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