Coordinators: Charlie Dannreuther
University of Leeds, UK
Dany Lang
University of Paris 13, France

The research area discusses and develops institutional analyses of the modes of development of contemporary capitalism and the related regulations. This includes, amongst others, analysing the complexities and inequalities of capitalism, the causes of its cycles and crises and the policies and political frameworks that attempt to regulate them.

As a consequence, the topics we tend to study include long run theories of economic change, business cycle theory, social reproduction and gender, globalisation, institutional change and their relation to cultural and political change.

As modes of regulation are essential in order to understand the dynamics of the current regime of accumulation, the debates within the Regulation theory concerning the characterisation of the contemporary growth regime and the diversity of national trajectories are given particular attention. These debates are expanded and confronted with alternative approaches. Pluralistic in nature, RAG fosters debates between various scholars belonging to different schools of thought, including, amongst others and not exclusively, Regulationists and Marxists, structuralists, evolutionary theorists, critical realists, systems theorists , Austrians, Post-Keynesians, New Keynesians.

All papers related to these topics are welcome, whether formalized using a more qualitative of empirical approach. 

The research area has organised a panel at the yearly EAEPE conference since the Siena conference in 2001. It plans to organise a spring seminar that would help to develop a) an ongoing internal debate on the web, with some diffusion of information on issues and works relevant with the theme of the research area and b) to prepare in a collective way the panel for the November EAEPE conference.

At this stage communication among those interested by the area are going through email exchanges with the coordinators. A brief resume of the spring seminar will be circulated. The quarterly newsletter, "La Lettre de la Regulation", now being translated into English as "Issues in Regulation Theory" and available on the web, will help to diffuse information on the activities of the research area.