Coordinators: Svetlana Kirdina-Chandler
Russian Academy of Science - 
Institute of Economics, Moscow
Asimina Christoforou
Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Greece
Wolfram Elsner
Universität Bremen - Institut für Institutionelle Ökonomik und Innovationsökonomik (iino), Bremen

EAEPE has been organizing joint sessions together with the US-based Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE) since 2012. AFEE is the older “sister” organization of EAEPE and had helped to set up EAEPE in the late 1980s. It represents the long-standing Original Institutional Economics research program of American Institutionalism in the tradition of T.B. Veblen, J.R. Commons, G. Myrdal, K.W. Kapp or J.K. Galbraith.

Due to the continuing success of the joint sessions, EAEPE decided to implement a permanent Research Area for these, the RA-JAES. Please submit abstracts for the annual conferences under RA-JAES.

The goal of RA-JAES is to promote scientific and scholarly collaboration between members of EAEPE and AFEE. The two associations are developing a common approach to the analysis of economies as evolving, socially constructed and politically governed systems. They share the idea that economic thought always affects changing economies and vice versa. Thus, they engage in the search for new concepts and methods in order to obtain a deeper understanding of economic systems.

The Joint AFEE-EAEPE sessions cover a wide range of topics that usually fall under the broader theme of “Evolutionary and Institutional Methodologies in Economics: Generating New Critical Insights”. Therefore they focus on the possibilities of generating new, critical, and relevant evolutionary and institutional knowledge. They feature papers that offer insights into previously unexplored phenomena and highlight previously overlooked patterns and regularities. Theoretical, methodological and applied papers are invited, particularly those focusing on the interrelationships between heterodox theory, the appropriateness of specific methods, and the importance of relevant findings.

RA-JAES seeks to regularly bring to the EAEPE conferences a respected AFEE member as an invited speaker.

Young scientists are strongly encouraged to participate in these sessions in order to promote the development of links between the European and American scientific communities in the area of evolutionary and institutional economics.

Presenters at the Joint AFEE-EAEPE sessions do not need to be members of AFEE. But if two submissions are considered equivalent after initial review, AFEE members will be offered priority. For non-AFEE members, RA-JAES will seek to provide free one-year membership sponsored by AFEE, which includes receipt of the prestigious heterodox Journal of Economic Issues.