Coordinators: Riccardo Pariboni
Università degli Studi di Siena, Italy
Ricardo Summa
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Paolo Trabucchi
Roma Tre University, Italy

This research area aims to reconstruct economic theory and policy analysis along the lines of the classical or surplus approach brought to light again and revived by Piero Sraffa. In particular it aims to overcome the present-day split between economics and other social sciences and to promote:

    • research on the determinants of distribution and capital accumulation along the lines of the surplus approach;
    • research on Keynes and the role of effective demand in determining the trend of social product;
    • the critique of the modern versions of the theory in terms of demand and supply;
    • economic policy proposals alternative to those advanced on the basis of the dominant neoclassical theories;
    • discussions with other critical and heterodox approaches;
    • studies on the method of analysis adopted by the classical theory and its relation with Institutionalism.

For participation to collaborative research, please do not hesitate to contact the coordinators.