Coordinators: John Haskell
University of Manchester Law School, UK
Andrea Leiter
University of Amsterdam, NL

Since the 1980s, conservative law and economics approaches have dominated the agenda when it comes to understanding the dynamics of governance. For the last decade, however, a growing movement of critical legal scholars have started to question these basic presumptions and have increasingly turned to various traditions within heterodox economics and to incorporate more diverse, global perspectives about law and economics, with the aim to formulate new Law and Political Economy (LPE) approaches. LPE is thus an interdisciplinary, global-oriented network of legal scholars and heterodox economists that explores the role of law in contemporary capitalism. How does law relate to value creation? How does law advance our understanding for firms, money, and organization in different times and places? And what can law relearn from economic traditions of thought and practice? This RA explores these questions and invites emerging and established scholars interested in an open and interdisciplinary dialogue to explore together the legal underpinnings of modern capitalism.